Ancient trees, which have been with people for a long time and have been carved with their history, express the layers of time in a space.

Ancient trees called “KOBOKU” in Japanese are harvested from the rich forests of Japan, and have been used for traditional residences, carving a deep and long history. The mortise and tenon holes of the days when construction was done without nails, the blackened wood’s surface smoked by soot rising from the hearth, the regular patterns with uneven surface left by the hatchet…

These ancient trees, carefully crafted over time and used with great care in daily life, become unique and original products, casting the layers of time in the space. SANSUI connects the stories of Japanese handicrafts and lifestyles to the modern world and proposes a new beauty.

SANSUI is a brand name embodying the spirit of craftsmanship from the rich mountains of Nagano, Japan, and the belief in nurturing the earth’s beautiful jade-like air and water for the next generation. Through these Japanese ancient woods, SANSUI wishes to convey the messages that have been deeply carved over time to the present and future.


Charm of an old wood that records a beautiful time.


Our company, Sansuisya, began as a woodworking shop founded in 1930 by Matsujiro Yamakami, a craftsman of fixtures and fittings. We specialize in the dismantling, relocation, and restoration of traditional residences. We also design and construct spaces by utilizing the fine quality ancient wood obtained from these projects and giving it a new lease of life.

Our factory, which looks out over the Nagano Mountains, has over 5,000 ancient trees in storage. Each piece is carefully dismantled with different shapes. The post and beam of a traditional house used by generations with great care wears the desire of the homeowner, and the ancient tree is passed on to the next generation.

In 2020, we received the GOOD DESIGN Award for the efforts to preserve Japanese architectural techniques and culture.